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OptionsXpress provides a wonderful stock trading service. When someone is looking for an online stock trading program, they are hoping for speed and accuracy. The fact of the matter is that someone who wants to sell their Disney stock at seventy dollars a share shouldn’t have to wake up the next day and find that their online stock trading service had a glitch and the stock ended up being traded at sixty nine dollars and thirty seven cents. The way options Xpress operates, the customers receives the necessary accuracy and speed when they are trading that Disney stock for example.

The Xpress Router is the actual tool that provides this speed and accuracy for the router. The program is also very affordable while offering quality access. Unlike so many other online trading companies optionsXpress does make you feel like there is separate world for the traders with the smaller checkbooks and the elite traders who tend to be able to spend a little more. OptionsXpress charges $12.95 a trade which is on the mid to high side when comparing to other online stock trading companies.

You can often tell the quality of a company by the amount of awards they have won within the industry they specialize. OptionsXpress has won several awards from major magazines who happen to know quite a bit about the online trading world. The fact that they won these awards may not say much about the program itself, but it does lend a lot of credibility to aspects of their operation such as their customer service department. OptionsXpress has its headquarters in Chicago. OptionsXpress makes sure that the process of executing a trade is not complicated. The fact of the matter is that optionsXpress offers great tutorials and videos on why and how this system is great to use. The tutorials also break the system down into easy to understand steps. OptionsXpress can also give its users long term forecasts on how exactly the stock will turn out in the future.

If you have a thirst for making money and want to do it without leaving the comfort of your home, optionsXpress is the right option for you. You can receive great e-mail alerts detailing how important market information can greatly impact your portfolio. You also don’t have to worry about extensive fees being charged to you on behalf of a stockbroker. The stockbroker also will not be there trying to force you in a certain direction, optionsXpress lets you have your own choices. The commission involved per trade is fourteen ninety five per one thousand shares.

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optionsXpress does let you trade stocks but its more expensive than others

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