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Options House – Big on Options, not on Stocks

When looking for a low fee commission online brokerage service, Options House should be the front runner. You can buy stocks at $2.95 a trade, which is just a nickel shy of another online brokerage company commission’s fee. Options House in my study of their system is on another level than other low fee commission brokerage companies. When I say low fee I am referring to $5.00 and under. And with Options House you also get 100 free trades when you open an account. The 100 free trades is a promo, so they may discontinue it.

Options House’s system was built from scratch to work with Options House exclusively. Now this means investors can trade over a very reliable and fast system. And what really sets Options House apart from the other low fee commission online brokerage companies is that Options House is not just about trading. They also offer different account types, such as Individual, Corporate, Roth IRAs, SEP IRAs, Traditional IRAs, Partnerships, Investment Clubs, Educational IRAs, Joint, UTMA, UGMA and Trusts. Opening an account is a very easy process. You fill out the online application, print and sign it. There are three ways to send in the application. You can fax, mail it or send it overnight via Federal Express. They even have it set up on their website where you can print a Federal Express mailing label.

The flat-rate fee for options is $9.95 and the fee for flat-rate spreads (up to four legs) is $14.95. The fees may not be as low as their stock fees, but compared to other online brokerage companies -$9.95 and $14.95 for options and spreads are arguably very reasonable. But I must say that Options House’s website is not attractive. I had the same problem with another online trading company. Some people may not care about this due to the $2.95 fee for stock trading, but appearance is important especially when you’re not able to visit their branch office. If Options House improves their site’s design I can see more investors giving them a serious look.

Another strike against Options House is that the educational section they offer on their website only caters towards one service. If you want to enhance your knowledge, then all you’re going to learn about is options. You can trade stocks on their site, but there are no educational resources for stocks. I guess they expect all investors to already understand stocks.

Options House is the lowest fee online stock trading company I’ve come across. They are geared more towards options than stocks, so if you’re looking to get into the options game consider giving Options House a shot. Otherwise, if I was you I’d look else where for the time being.

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Options House is known for trading options, not stocks. With it comes a little more cost in trading.

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