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Marsco – Trading without education

Marsco has been in business since 1986, so they are definitely not new to the investment world. Currently the commission fee for Marsco is at $3.95 per trade. Unlike several other online brokerage companies they do not offer the 100 free trades deal. You sign up with them to trade and that’s it. So if the 100 free trades are what you’re looking for, it is not found here.

What I like about Marsco is that they aren’t trying to be fancy about what they do and who they are. One visit to their website and you’ll see that they are strictly about business and that’s about it. Their products are stocks, mutual funds, options and bonds. To open an account with Marsco your initial opening balance must be a minimum of $2500. This can be in cash or securities. Another thing I like is that you don’t have to fax or mail your application to start trading with them. Marsco’s account opening method is the way it should be. You fill out the application online and click on the submit button. That’s it. Once you fund your account, which can be done securely through their system you can begin trading.

Marsco as well as other online stock brokerage companies offer broker assisted trading. The fee per trade is higher and of course this doesn’t guarantee a good trade. Marso’s broker assisted trading fee is presently $25.00. This isn’t too high of a fee, but I’ve seen broker assisted fees at $20.00 on other sites. But if you’re not worried about doing your own trading, then I guess their broker assisted $25.00 fee shouldn’t bother you much.

One thing that I absolutely don’t understand is why Marsco didn’t include any educational resources on the site. Every other online brokerage company has an education section on their website. The good people behind Marsco either didn’t get the memo to include educational resources or they felt it just wasn’t important. Regardless of the reason,this was a big mistake. If you wanted to brush up on some knowledge about stocks, but there isn’t any resources on their website. You will seek the information somewhere else. The point of any online business is to get visitors and keep visitors. But if Marsco feel that educational resources about their products aren’t important, then they are doing themselves a big injustice.

Even though Marsco is probably the oldest online brokerage company I personally wouldn’t use them for my trading needs. No disrespect to Marsco, but there are brokerage companies online offering tools and resources that will enhance your knowledge making you a better investor. I simply cannot recommend a stock trading company who fails to provide its users with tools to be successful investors.

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Marsco is not as fancy as others but they are a little cheaper to use. You just need to know what your doing.

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